Ep 36: Felicity is The Last Jedi

⁃ Snelope snooze is back and more confused than ever before
⁃ Andy and Anderson, together at last, again.
⁃ Down South Pole Dirty Party/ Snowy Bush
⁃ Andy Cohen’s Books
⁃ Serious Shade to Wendy Williams
⁃ Tori and Dean, Spelling drama
⁃ So, the Weinstein Company…
⁃ Let me Instruct the threesome Andy and Anderson
⁃ The Gwyneth Paltrow Compassion problem
⁃ Ding dong Huge Hefner is dead
⁃ Aaron is doing all the shows
⁃ Poor Harvey Fierstein
⁃ #ArtAboutIt
⁃ 45 wrap up
⁃ Felicity is The Last Jedi
⁃ Big Mouth on Netflix
⁃ Will and Grace returns!
⁃ Ain’t nobody messing with Broomhilda
⁃ Melissa Loves The Orville

Ep 35: Let’s have a moment for Rumer Willis

Oh Leather Daddy giddy up, Leather…Latex…it’s all sticky, Will and Grace Returns, Felicity had her a summer, Hello Again premier the Reeling film festival, Let’s have a moment for Rumer Willis, 45. Sigh. 45., Aaron is working on all the shows, Say You Love Me comes back!, Fleetwood Mac all them Harmonies, The Rapture Didn’t Happen! Hooray!, Dip a toe into gerrymandering, I Want It That Way

Ep 34: Pride!

Pride!, How to Lobby Washington!, Civil Rights is not a partisan issue, Title IX, Gender and Student Loan Debt, ERA!, Help Me Greg Harris, RuPaul’s Drag Race Reunion, I like the smell of Tony Hale, TV reviews with Felicity, Tonys Awards!, Felicity Spills the Bette T!, Judith Light is an Angel…we get emotional about it, We Need a New Deal, An In depth investigation into MacArthur Park, Mavis and Felicia explain it all for Pride, Final song: MacArthur’s Park, Happy Pride

Ep 33: If Rachel Bloom Can have a TV Show, Why Can’t We?

Tony’s!, Groundhog Day? I Love that Movie!, Melissa Travels all of Chicago, Give us your money!, If Rachel Bloom Can have a TV Show, Why Can’t We?, Observations About Burt Bacharach, Aaron Learns of Ellie Greenwich, Tree Man. And We Faint, Winter Olympics Count Down! So soon!, Oprah. We should just say Oprah, Angela Merkle is the Leader of the Free World, Where Your Polio At, 45- Paris Climate Change withdrawal, NATO, Ok, Melissa Has An Opinion Too!, Aaron would Do THAT GUY??? No., Kathy Griffin, RuPaul’s Drag Race SPOILERS, The Nance, Summer TV-Zoo?, Game of Thrones

Ep 32: And we’re back!

And we’re back!, Aaron’s triumphant return to the stage!, Melissa goes to… yes, again, Summertime Movie Preview!, Aaron doesn’t know the Wonder Woman theme song, John Williams! What’s the new Song of the Summer?, Spider individual, Having a Moment for Idris Elba, Aaron gave up the sugar, Sally Yates is a badass, Political Wrap up… welcome to crazy town, President Roddy D!!!, Rent to own a Congressman, A Weekend in Trump Country, Put Betsy Johnson Down, Resist Bot, What’s a Fax?, Oprah for President, Television reviews with Felicity, Felicity watches American Gods and has found new life goals, Public Service announcement: Kohl’s Cash, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Mavis and Felicia need a massage, Do you even listen to the last song?, Pit Stain Cleaners